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Sharing Experimental and Standard Materials

China's national S&T infrastructure platform has so far collected, consolidated, and digitized the information on 4,090 standard materials, with 3,500 of them being made available on e-platform. The website (www.ncrm.org.cn)has covered all certified standard materials in the county, with an English version in operation at the same time. The keyword search of 'standard materials' ranks first place in the Chinese Google website. As of the end of December 2007, the website has attracted 57,849 visits, with its users being the departments of entry-exit inspection and quarantine, environment monitoring, diseases control, veterinary drugs, coal quality control, agrifoods quality control, geological test, and food processing, and universities in 25 provinces and regions, including Hong Kong and Macao. The website allows online order and a real-time update between the physical storehouse and information platform.

The experimental cell platform has stored 1,150 consolidated standard cells lines. As of November 2007, it has fed the e-platform with common descriptions and 150 pictures of 1,000 cell lines, allowing online sharing. Research institutes involved in the project have established their own experimental cell databases to provide online information service as required. The lead institution has established a national platform for experimental cell resources, connecting to the e-platform, to provide the information on individual cell lines, including culture base, generation passing, frozen storing, cells' fingerprints, the name of research institutes storing the cell lines, and reference.

Researchers have so far completed the test and evaluation of special properties of 55 experimental animal species, with 6,500 pieces of information in store. The experimental animal website has attracted 72,800 visits in 2005, 98,300 visits in 2006, and 55,000 visits in January-July 2007.

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