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Advanced Tools for Animals and Plant Quarantine

With the support of National 863 Program, Chinese scientists have landed breakthroughs in developing molecular test techniques for animals and plant diseases, harvested with an array of fast, specific, and sensible test techniques and products for port quarantine and field diagnosis.

Researchers have rolled out highly specific and sensitive test kits for identifying BTV, VSV, EHDV, and AKV, applicable to different tissues and organs. Tests show that RT-LAMP is a simple, sensitive, and highly specific test procedure, with great potentials for testing BTV, VSV, EHDV, and AKV viruses. Researchers are currently working on the assemble part of KAMP kits.

Employing a range of molecular biological means, including AFLP, RFLP, RT-PCR, and PCR, researchers have screened out some ten immune targets for plants, including Phytophthora sojae, Tilletia controversa Kühu (TCK), Xanthomonas oryzae pv.oryzicola, Acidovorax avenae subsp.Citrulli, and Erwinia amylovora, and developed associated PCR test kits.

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