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New plants for biofuel

A research team, led by YANG Chengyuan, a research fellow at Chinese Academy of Sciences Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden, has recently bred out an Aleurites species with wrinkled leaves and dark seeds. The team first discovered the species in 2005. The mutated species has completed its growing process, and become a tree producing its own seeds. Researchers have so far produced some 600 plants of the species. A range of biological analysis, sexual reproduction, asexual reproduction, and hybridizing, has confirmed the fact that the species has made itself a novel species. Researchers have named it "an Aleurites species with wrinkled leaves and dark seeds' for the time being. A report shows that the novel species is the result of artificial breeding. A test conducted by the Ministry of Agriculture Center for Agrifoods Quality Control on the seeds has revealed an oil content (34.5%) that is equal to old species (35.0%). However, hybridizing has raised the oil content by 6.4%, reaching 41.4%.

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