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Green Pesticides

Thanks to their 10-odd-year painstaking efforts, a study team, headed by Prof. XU Yuquan at Shanghai Jiaotong University Institute of Life Sciences, have screened out a bacteria strain called M18 from plant root soils. The metabolites the strain produced can effectively inhibit the spread of wilt diseases caused by the bacteria in soil, and facilitate the growth of plants. Researchers produced the metabolites, or Phenazine-1-carboxylic acid (PCA), in a lab environment, and further made them into high yield strains for mass-production, using optimized traditional fermenting technique. Not long ago, researchers sorted out another active strain from M18, an only incidence in the world featured with two different anti-bacterial strains derived from the same bacteria strain.

In collaboration with Shanghai Nongle Bioproducts, the study team has placed the novel pesticide on the market, which led to the application in six provinces and one city, including Shanghai, Jiangsu, and Zhejiang, over an area of 16.1 million mu(1 mu= 0.0667 hectare) on a combined basis. Calculating on a reduced loss worth RMB 200 per mu, the pesticide has produced a benefit worth RMB 3.2 billion. Experimental data has shown that the new bacteria killer is particularly good for pepper and water melon wilt disease, with an effective rate as high as 75% or above.

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