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Diseases Watch Enhanced

A meeting was held on March 15, 2008 to launch a major diseases watch and pre-warning system. As part of the National 863 Program in the 11th Five-year period (2006-2010), the system will track down a range of major diseases, including cardiovascular diseases, malignant tumors, diabetes, hepatitis, and AIDS in residential communities, rural areas, and households, using biochemical analyzing systems with high performance and low cost, quick test and analyzing systems for emergency purpose, compact molecular diagnosing systems, multi-parameter cardiovascular disease monitors, and fast test systems for coronary heart disease. The project is supposed to develop novel products with strong market competitiveness, integrated functionalities, and low cost, for limited production and demonstration. Other key technologies, including biological compatibility/processing/packaging/integration, information processing, clinical application, mass production, and low cost manufacture, are also the targets to be worked

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