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Government Launches S&T Infrastructure Survey

A meeting, co-sponsored by Ministry of Science and Technology and Ministry of Finance, was held on March 28, 2008 to kick off a national survey on S&T infrastructures. LIU Yanhua, Chinese Vice-Minister of Science and Technology made an important speech at the meeting. S&T resource survey is an important part of the national S&T infrastructures capacity building that was launched in 2003. Thanks to the support, participation, and close cooperation of government agencies involved, the capacity building campaign has achieved laudable accomplishments, with an enhanced role played in establishing a national innovation system. Both the government at the central and local levels have rendered their contributions to establishing a platform that makes sharing of both domestic and international S&T resources possible. To speed up the capacity building efforts, facilitate an optimized distribution and comprehensive utilization of S&T resources, and raise innovation capacity, both Ministry of Science and Technology and Ministry of Finance have decided to launch the survey, under the mandate of Law of S&T Advancement. A circular on nationwide S&T resource survey was released on March 13, 2008. Under the working principle of "overall deployment, phased implementation, experiment before diffusions, and long term development", the survey will be first conducted in 2008 among research institutes at the national level and universities, focusing on experiment centers, large scientific instruments, and germplasm resources.

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