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Three Decades Cooperation Harvests

April 15, 2008 marked the 30th anniversary of an S&T cooperation accord signed between

China and Germany. At a ceremony jointly held by both Chinese Ministry of Science and

Technology, and German Federal Ministry of Education and Research, to celebrate the

event, WAN Gang, Chinese Minister of Science and Technology told the audiences that the

three-decade cooperation between China and Germany has produced numerous

eye-catching findings in a string of fields, including environment, ecology, earth science,

marine study, aeronautics, protection of cultural relics, optic technologies, micro-systems,

information technology, and health. In recent years, climate change, energy, and

environment have become hot cooperation fields between the two countries. Both China

and Germany have shared a fine ground for S&T cooperation. The cooperation has entered

a new historical period. Dr. Annette Schavan, Federal Minister of Education and Research,

said that China is a very important S&T cooperation partner of Germany in Asia.

Cooperation between the two countries has a long history, and will continue its course.

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