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More Results form Precision Agriculture

Precision agriculture is a goal defined by the National 863 Program, to develop generic

technologies and products for vehicle based soil and plant information collection, precision

crop management models and associated control and navigation techniques, farming

machinery bus technology, and electronic unit control technology. Researchers have

developed and tested a series of software and hardware for precision seeding, precision

fertilizer application, and precision pesticides application. Meanwhile, they have

established an integrated platform for precision agriculture, and launched demonstrations

for the purpose, with major innovations in four areas, including key precision farming

techniques, major precision farming equipment, integration and demonstration of

precision agriculture, and precision farming diffusion activities.

Derived from the efforts are 39 patent applications (including 21 inventions), 18 software

copyright applications, 4 new species applications, 10 precision agricultural products, and

135 papers. 39 institutions have become part of the efforts, and some 10 enterprises the

developers and testers of the new technologies and products.

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