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Chinese and US Scientists Map Papaya Genes

Chinese and US scientists have jointly mapped up the full genome of a genetically modified

cash crop, the first of its kind in the world. The finding, published in the April 24, 2008

issues of the journal Nature, was derived from a 10-million US dollar joint research project

undertaken by Nankai University, Tianjin Functional Genome and Biochip Center, and the

University of Hawaii, with the participation of some 30 research institutes and universities

in China and the United States. Tianjin Functional Genome and Biochip Center has created

four major platforms for the purpose, involving functional genomics, genomics,

bioinformatics, and proteomics. The platforms have produced a range of proprietary

innovations of an internationally leading level in the area of diseases causing microbes

testing, genomics, and functional genomics.

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