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Bionic Solar Cells

A study team, headed by Prof. SUN Zhuo at East China Normal University, has reconstructed 'chloroplast' using nanomaterials in a lab environment, which makes

low-cost photo voltaic generation possible. SUN demonstrated the sandwich structure of the novel solar cells, featured with a nanolayer in the middle. The nanolayer allows dye to be a light capture, and CAS a photo-volt converter. Researchers made nano fluorescent powders an enhancer, facilitating dye to absorb solar light at different wavelengths.

Photo-volt conversion can be repeatedly enhanced, along with an increasingly improved 'recipe". Based on repeated experiments for three years, researchers have finally rolled out the bionic dye sensitive solar cells, with a structure similar to chloroplast. The novel cells have registered a photo-volt conversion rate exceeding 10%, approaching the world record level of 11%.

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