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Ambassador for New Energy Auto

Madame YANG Lan became an Ambassador for new energy autos

To make more people aware of the new energy autos employed in the Beijing Olympic

Game in 2008, mobilizing the whole society to be part of energy saving, and diffusing the

knowledge of energy efficiency, emission reduction, and new energy, WAN Gang, Chinese

Minister of Science and Technology (MOST), and Chairman of the Steering Panel of S&T

Olympic Game Action Plan, issued on May 8, 2008 a certificate to YANG Lan, honoring her

an Ambassador for new energy autos that will be used in the Game.

To support the Game with science and technology, MOST, in collaboration with Beijing

municipal government, will make some 500 electric, hybrid, and fuel battery vehicles to be

part of the transport system designed for the Game, in an attempt to demonstrate zero

emission in the Olympic Park, and a reduced emission in the adjacent areas.

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