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42 Million S&T Personnel

A news conference, sponsored by China Association for Science and Technology, was held

on April 29, 2008 in Beijing, where a study report on China's S&T workforce was published.

The report shows that as of the end of 2005, China has had an S&T workforce of 42 million

people. The report has made 2.15 million technicians part of the statistics, the first try in

calculating S&T workforce.

As far as the sectional distribution of S&T workforce is concerned, the primary industry has

claimed a share of 680,000, the secondary industry 14.33 million, and the tertiary industry

26.44 million, or half of the total workforce. The report also indicates that China's S&T

workforce remains low as a proportion of total population, though it has reached 42 million

in number, with a large gap from the developed countries. Starting from this year, China

Association for Science and Technology will continue to publish S&T workforce report on a

yearly basis.

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