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Exact Solution to 3D Ising Lattices

2008Thanks to his more than a decade study, Dr. ZHANG Zhidong at Shenyang National Lab for

Material Science, has worked out conjectures on exact solution to three - dimensional (3D)

simple orthorhombic Ising lattices, together with the details of calculations for a putative

exact solution. The finding was published in a recent issue of British journal Philosophy.

Zhang reports that two conjectures, an additional rotation in the fourth curled-up

dimension and the weight factors on the eigenvectors, are proposed to serve as a boundary

condition to deal with the topologic problem of the 3D Ising model. The partition function of

the 3D simple orthorhombic Ising model is evaluated by spinor analysis, by employing

these conjectures. Based on the validity of the conjectures, the critical temperature of the

simple orthorhombic Ising lattices could be determined. The cooperative phenomena near

the critical point are studied, and the results obtained, based on the conjectures that are

compared with those of the approximation methods and experimental findings. The 3D to

2D crossover phenomenon differs with the 2D to 1D crossover phenomenon, and there is

a gradual crossover of the exponents from the 3D values to the 2D ones

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