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A Unique Moon Rover

Hunan University made the debut of its four-wheeled Moon Rover at an international auto

show recently opened in Beijing. The rover is able to run like a six-wheeled system in terms

of basic driving performance, with an enhanced performance for turning, climbing, and

obstacle crossing. It is so designed that the rest three wheels can make themselves a

stable supporting structure in a triangle shape, when one of the wheels is spared. Installed

on four swinging legs, the four wheels are able to adapt to regular road surfaces, with a

steady touch. When meeting stages, or obstacles, it will be readjusted to step around or

cross the obstacles using the remaining three legs. In addition, it is able to take a

360-degree turn on the spot, being free from a dead alley. The innovative Moon Rover

enjoys numerous other merits, including a simplified structure, easy operation, light

weight, and low energy consumption. Thanks to its 4-wheel design, it has shed off the

weight of 2 wheels and 4 motors, allowing more effective payload.

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