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1.5 MW VSCF Wind Turbine

A 1.5 MW VSCF wind turbine, developed by Zhejiang Yunda Wind Power Co. Ltd., rolled off

the production line on April 16, 2008. Applied with advanced variable speed constant

frequency technologies, the new wind turbine is able to obtain a maximum energy

conversion, and work under a minimized load. One can equip the turbine with the vans

tailored to the site, at 70m, 77m, or 82m. With a range of elements designed for northern

cold areas, including low temperature resistance, reduced air density, and wind proof, the

unit is able to work under extreme weather conditions. The prototype turbine will be tested

at the Zhangbei Danjinhe wind field, before escalating to mass production. The first batch

of VSCF wind turbines will be delivered to a special state project for wind power generation.

Yunda, a VSCF wind turbine supplier, will provide 53 units of 1.5 MW VSCF wind turbine to

the project.

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