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Proprietary Single Screw Compressor

Prof. MA Chongfang at Beijing University of Technology and co-workers have produced 15

single screw compressors with a motor power of 37kw. Meanwhile, they have developed 12

single screw compressors with a motor power of 90kw. 2 of the single screw compressors

have been installed in thermal pumps, and 1 in cold-water generators. A new project will

soon be launched to demonstrate single screw technology and associated industrialization,

which will eventually result in an annual capacity of 10,000 units of single screw

compressor. Researchers have also been working on single screw expressors. So far they

have developed molds for manufacturing single screw expressors of 10kw and 40 kW, and

will roll out prototypes at the end of May.

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