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China International S&T Fair in Beijing

The 11th China International S&T Fair opened on May 20, 2008 in Beijing under a theme of

S&T Olympic Game and S&T Innovations. WAN Gang, Chinese Minister of Science and

Technology said that China has invested at least one billion RMB in staging an S&T Olympic

Game. The Beijing Olympic Game that will soon be opened in Beijing will demonstrate as a

role model for responding to climate change. China will see a zero emission in the central

area of Olympics Games, using the vehicles consuming new energy, with a reduced

emission in the adjacent areas and along the traffic lines dedicated to the Games. A range

of green energies, including solar energy, wind energy, and geothermal energy, will take

up 26% of the energy consumed for heating and cooling in the Games. Semiconductor

illumination and ground (water) source heat pumps will be extensively used in the sports

venues and facilities, allowing an energy efficiency of 60%-70%. The sports venues will

have an averaged rainwater utilization rate exceeding 80%, with a 100% recycle rate for

the water consumed at the venues. 80% of the roads will be covered by traffic guidance,

with an averaged speed not slower than 60km per hour for the traffic routes dedicated to

the Games.

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