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Common Standards for both China and Germany

Chinese Ministry of Environmental Protection Environment and Development Center, CEC,

German Federal Environmental Agency, and German Quality Assurance and Labeling

Association jointly singed on May 26, 2008 an agreement to make China Environment

Labeling and German Blue Angle Labeling a common standard for recyclable ink


To promote common standards accepted by both nations, China and Germany started to

work on mutual accreditation in January 2006, under the framework of China-Germany

Environment Forum. Both China Environment Labeling and German Blue Angle Labeling

singed on April 2007 an accord to recognize the environment labeling of the other side.

Thanks to more than one year efforts, both sides have reached an agreement on the

management and implementation of the first common standard on recyclable ink cartridge.

The development marks an important progress achieved in the mutual recognition of

environment labeling. According to a briefing, both sides will work on a common standard

for wooden toys as the next step.

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