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B3G Telecommunication: A Key Player

BSG mobile telecommunication, a key project supported by the National 863 Program, has

recently put its new product, a broadband wireless multimedia system, into operation for

emergency telecommunication and field dispatch at quake relief scenes. It has played a

key role in saving the life of a woman who was buried in the rubble for seven days, and in

providing reliable on-the-scene information for public security, fire fighting, rescuers,

seismological authorities, hospitals, and mass media.

Made up of 4 radio base stations, and some 20 mobile terminals, the UHV system is able to

quickly establish a network covering extensive mountainous areas or an environment with

sophisticated terrains. It is designed to maintain a point-to-multiple-point mobile

telecommunication, even when the existing mobile and ground telecommunication

systems collapsed. Applied with an array of novel technologies, including multi-antenna

and multi-carrier, the new system has a much faster transmission rate, compared with the

existing mobile telecommunication system, enjoying a total input and output rate as fast as

100 megabits per second. Allowing a high speed mobile transmission of video signals, the

system has become a desirable tool for the quake relief command center mobilizing and

dispatching human and material resources, and for the field rescue activities as well.

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