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3-D Information Management System for Quake Relief

CAS Institute of Mechanics has recently made the debut of a 3-D dynamic information

management and demonstration system for quake relief. The system is designed with a

range of functions, including instantly updating 3-D geographic information for newly

emerged disaster areas, instantly updating information on quake relief, and real time

distant statistics and search. Desirable for quake relief activities, research, decision

making, live broadcasting, and disaster relief analysis/evaluation, the new system is able

to mix inflow data from CAS Terrestrial Observing and Digital Earth Center with a digital

elevation model, preparing a 3-D geographic information system for the disaster areas.

Meanwhile, the system can compare air-born images and pictures shot at different time,

and produce information on damaged roads, bridges, structures, induced disasters, death

toll and injury, personnel settlement, and resources distribution. The updated information

will be stored in a comprehensive database for quake relief.

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