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Five Technical Booklets for Quake Relief

The Ministry of Science and Technology has recently published five technical booklets to

diffuse practical knowledge, technologies, and products for quake relief, based on the

findings derived from the National S&T Infrastructure Program, and the National 863


Sanitation and Mental Health elaborates diverse issues on infectious diseases prevention,

disinfection, pests killing, victim corpse and dead animal handling, sanitation requirements

for temporary shelters and washing rooms, garbage and wastes treatment, after-quake

mental health, psychological crisis and intervention, and self-adaptation.

Safe drinking water and water supply introduces common knowledge in the area, including

water source selection and protection, distributive and integrated water supply, water

purification drugs and hardware, water supply facilities, and water supply facilities

restoration and stable running.

Food nutrition and safety discusses many issues relating to food safety in the quake

stricken areas, including diagnosis and treatment of food poisoning, food safety testing

techniques, and food nutrition.

Practical technologies for quake induced disasters talks about emergency handling of

endangered dams and quake lakes, geological disasters prevention, production safety, and

damage/loss evaluation.

Structures safety diagnosis and reconstruction introduces the knowledge in five areas,

including diagnosing the safety of houses, roads, bridges, tunnels, structures, water

reservoirs, dams, underground pipelines, and underground structures.

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