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Treating Marine Organisms Using Flocculants

A study team, led by Prof. DING Yongsheng at Shanghai Maritime University Institute of

Marine Environment and Engineering, has developed an inorganic polymer composite

flocculant that is able to perform a quick test of marine organisms in confined water, and a

nano flocculant capable of preventing the intrusions of hazardous marine organisms. The

new technologies have provided a novel approach for protecting marine environment.

Researchers in the project developed inorganic polymer composite flocculants with the

capability of capturing the organisms having a cell concentration lower than 10/mL, based

on which they produced a nano flocculant that is able to kill hazardous marine organisms.

Both technologies, effective and fast, have been applied to killing the microorganisms in

the confined water in a boat environment. It is most desirable for killing tiny

microorganisms (eggs and spores) that cannot be separated using other technical means.

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