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Procurement Package between China and ITER

China inked on June 16, 2008 a package deal with ITER on procuring Toroidal Field

Magnets, the first procurement accord reached between China and ITER since China

becoming part of the program. According to ITER arrangements, China will mainly work

on toroidal field magnets, poloidal field coils, high temperature plasma cover, and power

system. The said tasks will raise China's level of nuclear fusion study. While allowing China

to step onto a higher level of nuclear fusion study, the efforts also create an opportunity for

China working on commercial applications of nuclear fusion. The signing of the package

deal marks China entering an important phase of implementing ITER missions, and

indicates ITER moving into a critical phase of research and development. At the signing

ceremony, representatives from the United States, Russia, Japan, India, the European

Union, and ITER praised China's efforts in the area.

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