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UFO-Like Flying Machine Launched

Not long ago, Ha'erbin Shengshi Special Flying Machine, China-Aerospace Science and

Industry Corporation No. 4 Institute, and Harbin Engineering University, have jointly made

the debut of a UFO like flying machine. With a diameter of 1.2m, and a weight of 10 kg, the

flying machine is designed with a special dynamic system in a UFO shape, able to fly to a

height of 501000m at a speed of 080km per hour. The flying machine flies 40 minutes

with a full fuel load, enjoying the merits of both helicopter and aircraft, including lower

altitude flying, flying at a reduced speed, vertical taking off and landing, and suspension


Unrestricted by terrains and with a pre-set flying route, the flying machine can be used to

provide technical support for numerous missions, including aerial photographing,

geological mapping, high pressure power line inspection, oil pipeline inspection, high way

management, forest fire inspection, toxicant gas inspection, drug traffic control,

emergency telecommunication platform, and rescue.

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