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Liver Transplant Patients Live Longer

Statistics published by CLTR show that 80.6of Chinese liver transplant patients have

survived at least one-year after operation, doubled the percentage of 40 achieved in the

1990s, and approached a level of developed countries.

CLTR, a Chinese database on liver transplant, has collected the information on some

12,000 liver transplant patients since 2005. 61 domestic hospitals and centers qualified for

liver transplant have become part of the system. CLTR, a system designed to track down

liver transplant patients on a long term basis, has changed unsystematic, ineffective, and

passive mode of tracking down liver transplant patients. A doctor is now able to contact or

visit liver transplant patients when necessary, and to hospitalize patients whenever they

show a major symptom, such as fever, liver pain, jaundice, and increased hepatic related

enzymes. Up to date, China has performed some 85,000 organ transplants, only next to

the United States in number. In recent years, China performed organ transplants on more

than 10,000 patients a year, with kidney transplant topping others, and a longest survival

span for 28 years. Liver transplant has exceeded 10,000in number, with the longest

survival span for 12 years. Heart transplant went over 100 in number, with the longest

survival record approaching 14 years.

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