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New Levitated Train for Daily Operation


A Chinese made levitated train that is able to run at a reduced speed expects to test run in April before being put into mass production. Designed with a maximum speed up to 120km and made up of two locomotives, the new levitated train will test run 100,000 km for a range of indicators, including top speed, turning radius, and climbing. Experts say that the new levitated train, developed by Beijing Levitated Train Holding, is equipped with a range of internationally advanced technologies for levitation, control, and system integration. Comparing with regular rail transportation, levitation transportation enjoys noticeable strength in climbing, turning, and noise reduction, allowing levitated trains to pass by civic buildings in the city proper, for a greatly reduced area occupied and costs. Additionally, the electromagnetic field produced by the levitated train will not pose harms to passengers, as it has a top radiation strength that is not even higher than the magnetic field produced by a TV set.

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