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World's Largest AC Locomotive Passed Tests


The world’s largest AC locomotive (9600 kilowatts) passed safety tests on February 15, 2009 at Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive, and will soon be delivered to its clients in Beijing. Equipped with a large power locomotive enjoying the single axle power at 1,600 kilowatts, the new locomotive has registered an enhanced performance of system integration, traction motor, and transformers. Up to date, the locomotive maker has signed sales contract for 500 locomotives, with an amount worth RMB 11 billion. Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive has also kicked off the development of a 6-axle locomotive (7200 kilowatts). dThe new locomotive will have a shortened R&D cycle with more proprietary solutions, compared with the 9600 kilowatts model, and will roll off the assembly line in June. According to a briefing, an electric locomotive is able to save energy worth RMB 500,000 a year, compared with an oil burning internal combustion locomotive. There are now some 17,000 locomotives in the country, with only less than a third of them being the electric locomotives. That means the annual replacement of 1,000 internal combustion locomotives with the electric one will save energy worth RMB 500 million. Additionally, replacing an internal combustion locomotive with an electric locomotive means cutting down the annual tail emissions from 4,000 sedan cars in a city.

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