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China's Clean Energy in Progress

   The 21st century ushers into an era of clean energy. The issues of energy, environment anddevelopment have prompted us to explore a road of harmonious development with optimized energy mix, green environment and sustainability. Today, China is applying science and technology to the utilization of clean energy and the enhancement of energy efficiency, bringing bright prospects for clean energy.
   China boasts of considerable potentials for clean energy development. Currently, coal accounts for 70% of China's primary energy consumption, which promises great prospects for clean coal utilization. Wind power resources in China amount to 700-1,200 million KW, while the convertible energy potential of biomass resources stands at 720 million tons, equivalent to 330 million tons of standard coal. Each year, ground-absorbed solar energy in China is approximately 1.7 trillion tons of standard coal, which could heat 2 billion m2 of water, generate 2.2 billion KW of electricity, and replace some 320 million tons of standard coal. Exploitable geothermal resources in China stand at around 3.3 billion tons of standard coal.
    The Chinese government has attached high importance to clean energy development. In 1994, it approved and implemented China's Agenda 21. It also formulated a series of laws to promote the development of green energy in China. These include the Environmental Protection Law (1989), the Electric Power Law (1995), the Coal Law (1996), the Renewable Energy Law (2006), the Law on the Promotion of Circular Economy (2008) and the Energy Conservation Law (2008).
   Through science and technology, China is now embanking on large-scale development and utilization of clean energy. The Green Coal-Fired Power Program will greatly upgrade coal-fired power plants and reduce carbon dioxide and pollutant emissions. By 2015, coal-fired power plants with near-zero emissions will be built. These plants can improve efficiency by 1/3 over the currently most advanced thermal power generation plants and achieve near-zero emissions of carbon dioxide and pollutants. In the meantime, utilization of solar, wind, biomass, nuclear, geothermal and other clean energies is developing fast. And the application of smart grids, surface water heat pumps, new energy vehicles and high-speed trains has achieved remarkable effects. We firmly believe that, with powerful technological support, clean energy will surely become one of the leading energy sources in China.We also believe that clean energy will inject a new driving force for the growth within China and in the world.

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