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The 2nd World Endoscopy Doctors Conference to be held in China Macau

      The 2nd World (20th Chinese) Endoscopy Doctors Conference & 2nd Macau – Hong Kong Surgical Scientific Meeting will be held at the Venetian Macau in Macau from October 29 to 1 November, 2010.
      The conference is organized by World Endoscopy Doctor Association, Chinese Medical Doctor Association Endoscopic Doctor Association, Chinese Endoscopy Doctors Association, Macau Surgical Association, the College of Surgeons of Hong Kong and the Society of Laparoendoscopic Surgeons, USA. Supporting Organizers are: Department of International Cooperation, Ministry of Science and Technology, PRC; Department of Medical Services Regulation and Department of International Cooperation, Ministry of Health, PRC;  Macau Health Bureau;Macau Government; Chinese related insititution and other organizations in England, France, Australia, etc. The conference is fully supported by the Macau SAR government.
      This conference gathers well known international endoscopy physicians from all over the world, aiming to promote medical exchange between China and other countries in the world for minimally invasive endoscopic surgical skills. There will be surgery demonstrations performed by famous endoscopy physicians, and an endoscopy skills workshop for discussion of endoscopic frontier theory and development. This is an important event that enhances the international exchange and cooperation of endoscopic treatment and minimally invasive endoscopic surgical skills for thousands of worldwide endoscopy specialist doctors and medical engineering researchers. 
      Famous endoscopy physician from all over the world will discuss unification of training and testing standards for endoscopic medical skills to establish a quality standard recognized by all other counterpart organizations and to set a rating system for high-tech endoscopic products.
      For more information please email to: wedc2010@we-da.org or link to the Conference website: www.we-da.org.


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