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10 Energy Saving Actions

The National Development and Reform Commission, in collaboration with the CPC Publicity Department, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Environmental Protection, and Ministry of Education, recently released a plan to launch a range of energy efficiency and emission reduction actions during the 12th Five-year period (2011-2015). The Plan points out that China will stage 10 actions that will deal with energy efficiency and emission reduction at the level of families, teenagers, businesses, schools, military barracks, rural areas, government agencies, popular science activities, and news media. The ten special actions will be launched in different forms, including role model display, themes events, exhibitions, job creation, and proposals making, in an attempt to secure the involvement of the entire society in energy efficiency and emission reduction activities, advocating a healthy way of production, consumption, and life featured with conservation, green, and low-carbon.

According to the Plan, China will initiate a range of activities that release the “energy saving tool kits” to the public, promote the use of energy saving technology and findings, stage energy efficiency and emission reduction demonstrations, and establish service systems for the purpose.

The series activities will focus on the common technologies applied to enhance the universal capacity building of energy efficiency and emission reduction, developing series

tools for raising such capability, and diffusing/displaying universal applications. Efforts will also be made to work on the spin-off and application of S&T findings in the area, enhancing the public awareness of energy saving and emission reduction, and building an agreeable aura for energy efficiency and emission reduction.

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