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Relations with China, major objective of Romania’s foreign policy

Traian Basescu, President of Romania

Ever since I took over my term in office as president, I have been upholding good political and economic relations with China as one of the principal objectives pursued in our foreign policy, while, over the past years, the Romanian diplomacy has been constantly seeking to strengthen and permanently develop this privileged relationship.

I had the pleasure of attending the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games China has hosted this year. I herewith extend my congratulations to China on organising the imprudently ample event with a significant role in the promotion of the spirit of harmony and understanding among peoples. At the same time, the Olympic Games have put China’s cultural size into perspective, as well as the country’s truly spectacular pace of development.

To us, China is our biggest trade partner in the Far East, a reality confirming the special interest Romania has in China. We also enjoy an excellent co-operation with China within the various international organisations we are party to.

Over the past few years, the potential of the cultural dialogue between our countries has presented new opportunities of communication and co-operation. The increasing number of Romanians who can speak the Chinese language as well as of Chinese who speak Romanian, the frequent cultural exchanges, the launching of books and similar events will constantly grow the level of mutual knowledge of both Romania and China, by that contributing to the consolidation of the friendship of our two peoples.

Our friendship has always been based on mutual respect for respective culture, traditions and aspirations of our peoples. To a great extent, that explains the constant development of the partnership of our countries over almost 60 years of diplomatic relations.

For all these reasons, our relations with China remain one of the heavy duty pillars of our foreign policy. With a view to the importance that China is acquiring in the global relations and economy, we cannot but wish to find in China the same reliable partner of Romania in respect of both political and economic relations.

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